Monday, July 18, 2011

GEX 600 filter setup, L-75 and White lobster

Today i completed my filter setup for my GEX 600. The canister is placed below the dining table and out of sight. Bought all that i need plus a few extra on Sunday. I decided to go with the lily pipe as they called it or simply glass intake and output pipes. Very classy, in fact i prefer the glass over the stainless steel pipes, at least for this setup that is.

The filter i selected for the new setup is the German made Tetra EX  power 90. Looks classy enough with all the user friendly features that you would expect. On/Off tap, self priming, filter basket, rotatable input/Output. Filter media of choice would be 2 kg biohomme plus , 1 kg Eheim Biomech and 0.5 kg coral chips. I also bought a Italy made Hydor canister filter for my other planted tank. will be doing the upgrade this week. I got the Hydor at a huge discount, probably it was the last piece and not very popular among hobbyist.  Having unboxed it and examine, the design is good enough but i guess the finishing is not as good as the Tetra EX.  Lastly i go the Kotobuki powerbox mini for the GEX 300. this looks cool enough for a nano canister filter for a ultra small tank. uses submerged pump so no priming problem, you can place it side by side your tank.

Eheim should still be the first choice for all hobbyist who plan to purchase their first can filter. i currently run 2x 2260 and 1x 2080. the 2260 beats everyone hands down with its functionality, the best being it use the universal pump which allow you to do upgrade and replacement easily. design however is rudimentary. you will need to purchase double tap which is costly in order to save you the hassle of  flooding during maintenance. 2080 solved all that problem but not powerful enough and no upgrade options, beside the canister is not as big as the 2260. I was bored of the Eheim green colour design anyway so i have been urging to try out other canister filter. so far the tetra is quite impressive.

As for livestock, i bought a white lobster, didn't know there is this colour for lobster.  I also got myself the nicely dotted L75 pleco.

1. Tetra EX Power 90 - $186
2. ANS Glass pipe set- $62
3. Biohomme plus 2 kg- $90
4. Eheim BioMech 1kg- $23
5. GEX digital Thermometer - $26
6. Hydor prime 90 - $118
7. Kotobuki Powerbox mini - $25

Finalized budget for the Gex600(not including livestock) is $526.90( from previous post) + 186 + 62 + 90 + 23 + 26 = $887.90

1. L75 Pleco (small) - $38
2. White Lobster - $8.50

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